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    What rank are you currently on this Skyblock?

    How long have you played on SkyMite?
    1 month - 2 months
    Discord Username:

    Which server are you applying for?

    I am 14, i have been playing this server for about a month now and ive spent a little money on it , it is definitely my favorite server, i would be committed and be a loyal staff member, id like to help people out and make sure the sever running good and nobody is spamming or arguing and if they are ill sort it out.

    Have you been Staff on SkyMite before? If so; when, for how long, what position, and why did you leave the team?
    I havent but if i knew about the server i would've definitely applied and helped out a lot.

    What is your availability for being on the server?

    Weekdays 3.50-10.00 Weekends All Day And Night GMT Time.
    Why are you (re)applying to become a staff member?
    Because i believe that u would be a good help to the server and i would help always when people would need it and i like to help people as well.
    Explain what being a Moderator means to you (That is, what is the job description?)
    It would make me be able to help people and stop arguments and make everyone get along with each other so its a good happy community.
    What makes you qualified for a position as Moderator?
    I know what to do in argument situations and how to help people as i am a helper on another server , but this is far my favorite.
    Two players start arguing, and the situation is escalating. How do you handle it?
    Tell them to stop arguing and if one is spamming warn them or mute them, or sort out their argument and make sure they don't argue again.
    Your friend was being disrespectful to another player after losing a fight in PvP. What do you do?
    Tell them that they need to calm down, follow the server rules if they are our friends or not.
    A player you really don't get along with says, "You're dumb!" after you kick him. How do you react?
    I would either ignore them or if they carry on mute them, and if they go against the server rules either temp ban them or mute them.
    Anything else you believe is relevant to include?
    I know quite a few commands as i am a helper on another server ,i would respect the server and if anyone needed help i would be there to.
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