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    - At least 14 years old. (Exceptions might be made).
    - Played on our server for at least 1 week.
    - MUST have a Discord for us to reach you at.
    - Decent English and grammar.
    - Able to write well-written paragraphs with relevant information in your application.
    - A MINIMUM of 10 hours per week must be dedicated to the server. You will be warned if you slack.

    Rules For Applicants

    - Do NOT talk about your application to any staff or player in-game or outside of Skymite
    -Do NOT copy and paste another players' staff application.- Plagiarism will result in you being permanently banned from applying.
    - No discussing staff and server related discussions with other players.
    - Asking for a promotion is a BIG no. Work for your promotions.
    - Be impartial and fair with all punishments.
    - Refer to the Rules for punishment times.
    - Do not abuse your punishing powers.
    - Lying is unacceptable to any players or staff members.
    - As a staff member on Skymite, you are committed to us. If you’re staff on another server, either resign or don’t fill out an application. This is meant to avoid bias. You represent the Skymite, and we expect you to be honest and professional.
    -Logging on to the server daily to make sure you stay up to date on information. (Vacations are exempt- contact a superior as needed).


    Denied or Demoted


    If for some reason your application is denied you have to wait the minimum amount of time before applying again. You may not apply more than 5 times.
    1st time being denied = 1 week until you may re-apply
    2nd time = 2 week waiting period
    3rd time = 3 week waiting period
    4th time = 4 week waiting period
    5th time = you may not apply again

    (Do not copy/paste your previous application when you apply again. This will result in you losing an attempt at applying (The exeption to this is if the forums reset and your old application doesn't exist).

    *This system was adopted in order to force denied applicants to reflect on the comments made on their applications. Denied applicants should grow and learn from staff criticism if they wish to pursue the role as staff- comments made by staff members are there to help guide you and give you tips on becoming staff in the future.


    If for some reason you have been recently demoted, you must wait 1 month after the demotion before you are allowed to apply again. Reflect on why you were demoted and look to change your ways. If you are able to prove to the team that you have changed you may apply. We never hold anything against our ex-staff members (unless you abused power if you have you will never be able to reapply).

    If you have read and agreed to all of the above, including requirements and rules, please submit a staff application thread with the following format.

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