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    This is the official rules reference sheet for Players and Staff. It is up the the discretion of staff to determine your punishment on a per infraction basis. This means that a staff member may give you a punishment that is either not listed, or longer than listed. Please read through the entire document carefully before playing on Skymite including the ending disclaimer. (Rules that involve out of game conduct will still apply even in the event of a shut down)

    RULE I » Respect all players, including all Staff members.
    1st Offense - Verbal Warning.
    2nd Offense - 5 Minute chat mute.
    3rd Offence - 15 minute chat mute or Staff decision.

    RULE II » DO NOT spam chat. Staff can decide what is considered spam. This includes, but is not limited to: Character spam, CAPS spam or repeat messages.
    1st Offence - Verbal Warning.
    2nd Offence - 5 Minute Mute.
    3rd Offence - 15 minute chat mute or Staff decision.

    RULE III » DO NOT advertise ANY servers, Discord channels, Websites or any other media property that is unrelated to Skymite

    • Upon first joining the server is you advertise you will be permanently banned.
    • If you reconnect after your ban with a different account and commit the same offence you will have your IP address permanently banned.

    RULE IV » Scamming other players for in-game items IS ALLOWED. Scamming players for real currency is NOT ALLOWED.


    If you buy a rank for another player in exchange for in-game items. (You are required to follow through with the trade or you will face punishment.)
    Selling an item for cheaper than it’s worth.
    Selling fake items IS ALLOWED

    Not Allowed:

    Tricking another player into giving you real currency in exchange for in-game items.
    1st Offence - 4 Day Ban.
    2nd Offence - Permanent Ban.
    3rd Offence (Alternate account) - Permanent IP ban.

    RULE V » DO NOT use Hacked Clients, Mods or External Plugins.
    Mods like 5Zig, Optifine, and MiniMap ARE ALLOWED.
    1st Offence - 5 Day Ban.
    2nd Offence - Permanent Ban.
    3rd Offence (Alternate account) - Permanent IP ban.

    RULE VI » DO NOT ask Staff for in-games items, money, ranks, permissions, or commands to be given / applied to you.
    1st Offence - Verbal Warning.
    2nd Offence - 15 Minute mute.
    3rd Offence - 1 Hour mute.

    RULE VII » DO NOT dox other players or release any personal information without their consent.
    1st Offence - 1 Week Ban
    2nd Offence - Permanent Ban.

    RULE VIII » Periodical swearing IS ALLOWED, but DO NOT bypass the chat filter. Only a few words are blocked by the filter and bypassing that to say these few words is not allowed.
    1st Offence - 5 Minute Mute.
    2nd Offence - 15 Minute Mute.
    3rd Offence - 1 Hour Mute.

    RULE IX » DO NOT abuse Glitches, Hacks or Exploits. (This includes using or interacting with items that were achieved illegitimately, any form of clipping through blocks and command oversights.)
    In extreme instances you will be permanently banned instantly, and your account reset.
    1st Offence - 12 Hour Ban.
    2nd Offence - 24 Hour Ban.
    3rd Offence - Permanent Ban.

    RULE X » DO NOT use Racist or Homophobic / Transphobic language and remarks in public chat (if your joking around in /msg that is fine)
    1st Offence - 15 Minute Mute.
    2nd Offence - 1 Hour Mute.
    3rd Offence - 24 Hour Ban.

    RULE XI » Ban and Punishment Evasion is NOT ALLOWED in any form. (Do not log in on any alternate accounts when your main account is under punishments.)
    1st Offence - Your alternate account(s) will be banned for the same reasons / amount of time as your main account.
    2nd Offence - All accounts will be banned for twice the original duration.
    3rd Offence - You will be IP banned on all accounts.

    RULE XII » Charging back is NOT ALLOWED and extremely discouraged. If need be you will be given time to cancel your order(s) or donation(s).
    1st Offence - You will be IP banned from the server permanently and the chargeback will be fought to the furthest extent.


    All rules are subject to change. Every punishment decision is up to the discretion of the individual staff member. Each Punishment may be replace with the jail time for the same length of time as the original punishment.The information provided here in this document is used as an official REFERENCE for Staff members of Skymite and associates. This document goes through frequent revisions to fit the ever changing ideals of the server. If, however, you believe a staff member IS abusing for whatever reason you must report them via the forums. Saying “ABUSE” in game will result in a mute and only reports via the forums or discord with proof with be taken seriously.

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