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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Jonathan Hardwick, Jun 22, 2017.


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    Jun 21, 2017
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    To be honest you guys have been doing a great job on the server NO SHIT ! but!!! the server goes down around 11 AM EST (alpha zulu in nuclear time and 1100 in military standard time EST) so BIG SUGGESTION ...a alternate way of doing maintenance w/ out people not enjoying your server when its down is
    to copy the folder w/ your server in it somewhere else....assign the copied server a different port...and if you want make it a white-list so only people w/ the ability to do maintenance can access it....if the server is hosted by someone else such as srvr.pr0 (name changed for ad-purposes)theres not much you can do but if the worlds and not the plugins need maintenance you can copy the worlds with Multi-verse, make sure the worlds are hidden, edit the copies, and overwrite the original w/ the copied world......i would also suggest posting if there will be scheduled maintenance or knowing when the server will be down is a thing everyone likes to know and should know...this should be under suggestions but eff it cuz I've already typed all this XD


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