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    A few things before you report someone. Sure, being called an idiot, or noob isn't nice, but there's no real need to report them for calling you a noob or an idiot. It is rude, but in the time it takes to deal with someone who called someone an idiot, could have caught a hacker, hackers are the real bad guys. So think about it before reporting someone. You also can /ignore the player if they continue to bother you.

    Any screenshot will do while reporting someone. Any player who uses a hacked client to make a player seem to be hacking will be banned. Our staff team is trained to see through hacked clients that do this so do not try to frame a player.

    Follow this format or your post will be instantly denied.

    Your IGN:

    Accused player IGN:
    (If they are using a nickname, include their /realname or a screenshot of their /realname we cannot punish players using a nickname, we must have their in game name.)


    ( For hackers, you must provide a recording of the hacking. Screen shots will not be accepted. )

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