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    This is in off topic!!!but i want every one here to know more about me!!!!

    I was born in 1985, February 11....When i was 15 i started white-hat hacking ....when i was eighteen i decided to start a small company of white hats!!!
    I built my company from 18 to 32!!!

    Interesting things that i have done or happened to me!!!(In greatest to great in descending order)

    NO.1 Playing on (if you go to in your browser it will lead you to the servers console login!!!! i found this out myself !!!!!it can be brute forced @Zephxyz and @AngryBiscuit so you may want to check that out but i haven't brute forced it...don't worry I'm a white hat not a bad-guy!!!!put console login on a port using a I.P. address whitelist so only owners can access)

    No.2 (a few months ago posted today!!!!)(let @Jonathan Hardwick use my "fake name" as a code name!XD)

    No.1.5 staying here and skiing at sunshine village and all over the globe but this place is the best

    NO.4 (legally)Hacking into instagram @ the website named hackerone!

    No.5 Creating my own MC server for my workers to play on while self hosting it!!! (instead of being hosted by multicraft *cough*, (will not state I.P. on this site as it is considered advertising! You may email me for it! if its allowed)

    NO.6 2015 Ski competition By GO-PRO

    (Srry couldn't find the picture XD)

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