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    Izak Johnson


    Past Username(s):


    Central Time Zone USA

    What rank are you currently on this Skyblock:

    How long have you played on Skymite:
    3 months

    Discord Username:


    Which server are you applying for:


    PART 2

    Have you been Staff on SkyMite before? If so; when, for how long, what position, and why did you leave the team?
    I have never been a staff before on skymite but i have been a staff on one other server but i am not any more due to the reason i just stopped playing that server after about a year but I dont plan on stopping this server any time soon

    What is your availability for being on the server?
    I can be on 6 hours a day and 7 days a week unless i will have a special occasion like vacation or internet down that I cant

    Why are you (re)applying to become a staff member?
    I am applying because i love this server and i feel like i can help other people on this server and i know almost all of the commands and things about the server and i could make the server better help newer people out and not make their be anything happen that is against the rules because if anybody does that then it ruins it for other people and it is not fun anymore. Also being a Jr Moderator is a great opportunity and i will treat it like one

    Explain what being a Moderator means to you (That is, what is the job description?)
    I think that the things that Moderaters should do is help out other players and enforce the rules of skymite and make it a more fun place to come when people are down or they just want to have a fun time and mods should make it so other people cant ruin that time. Moderaters should also stand as leaders for other players and that means that means stand up for players dont let people get bullied and help everyone out no matter the situation.

    What makes you qualified for a position as Moderator?
    The thing that makes me qualified is i am going to use my powers to do good things and not do bad things. I will help people who need it with what ever it is. if it is building i will help with that if it is solving a tp kill or something against the rules I will resolve it and help them. I wont scam and I help people with everything they need help with.

    Two players start arguing, and the situation is escalating. How do you handle it?
    You should tell them to stop ask them what happened if it is something i could resolve than resolve it but if it is something that needs to be taken to a higher level then i should tell a mod or owner or someone. If no other mods can get on that I could temp mute them so they cant fight and spam and be aggresive

    Your friend was being disrespectful to another player after losing a fight in PvP. What do you do?
    Ask if it was a tp kill and if it was a fair fight than say sorry (friend) it was fair and you cant get your stuff back because it was fair. If they keep being disrespectful then you could message them and say "Hey bro i know you want your stuff and i want you to have your stuff but it was a fair fight and if you did not want to lose your stuff you should now have gone to pvp. If you keep doing it I will have to mute you

    A player you really don't get along with says, "You're dumb!" after you kick him. How do you react?
    First of all I dont think you should kick him but you should get him back on say sorry help him out and warn him to stop it and if he does not tell a mod or someone of higher power that can talk to him. That is not ok for a person to say that to you but it is also not ok to kick him.

    Anything else you believe is relevant to include?
    I just hope that you can accept this and I can be a Jr moderater and help people out and serve as a leader to some newer people on the server

    Thanks for taking your time to look at this and i would appreciate this because i think that i would make a the server more peaceful and better

    Izak Johnson AKA Furball718
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    Thanks, we will take your application into consideration.

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