Capt_avalanche's 2nd Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Melissa, Aug 26, 2017.

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    EST/Eastern Standard Time

    What rank are you currently on this Skyblock?

    Normal Player

    How long have you played on SkyMite?

    2.5 months

    Discord Username:


    Which server are you applying for?


    Have you been Staff on SkyMite before? If so; when, for how long, what position, and why did you leave the team?

    I have never been staff on Skymite before.

    What is your availability for being on the server?

    I can be on the server at anytime in-between 8:00am and 11:00pm

    Why are you (re)applying to become a staff member?

    I am applying to become a staff member because I felt that I can help out on the SkyMite server to stop rude players, spammer and hackers, and I have experience wtih spotting people who use their hacked client to kill players in pvp or spawn in unfair items and make the server a bad place for players trying to have fun. I feel that there is not enough staff members on late at night and rube player use that time to disrespect or be rude to other players. I promise that if I become a staff member I will stop players that be rude and swear.

    Explain what being a Moderator means to you (That is, what is the job description?)

    A Moderator for me means someone who is a mediator between the server and its players. A Moderator is someone who can aid the servers peace and allow the players to have a more enjoyable, less toxic game experience, while also making them want to play again. I believe that becoming a moderator is essentially like becoming a helper for the players of SkyMite, you need to be able to listen while also give advice to new and old players on the server.

    What makes you qualified for a position as Moderator?
    I believe I am qualified for this position because I already show some of the qualities it takes to become a moderator, I try and make the experience fun for new and old players so that they stay on the server and help the server grow. I do this to become friendly with players so they can trust me with being a good moderator and a good friend. I also try to help with issues around the server.

    Two players start arguing, and the situation is escalating. How do you handle it?
    When two players start arguing the first thing I will do is tell them both to take the arguing to private message so that other players will not be bothered by the arguing.Once I have accessed the situation I will deal with it accordingly depending on the circumstance, I believe in the three strikes your out rule, threes strikes meaning a mute not a ban unless they are griefing, spamming or hacking and if the argument is toxic and just irrelevant I will take that as a strike and they will be given a warning not to bring up the subject again or else they will receive a warn.

    Your friend was being disrespectful to another player after losing a fight in PvP. What do you do?
    I'll tell my friend that being disrespectful to any player or staff is against the rules and they should either apologize or stop with the disrespectful messages. If they do not listen they will risk being muted or kicked, still following the three strike rule from earlier.

    A player you really don't get along with says, "You're dumb!" after you kick him. How do you react?

    If a player says "You're dumb!" after I kick him. I will disregard the statement as an emotional reaction and will talk to him about my three strike system, if he continues to be rude ill mute him, and in order for him to be unmuted i will ask him to say sorry and tell him that was his first strike (If he didn't have strikes to begin with).

    Anything else you believe is relevant to include?
    If my application gets denied I will not quit playing the server or shorten my time in any matter.
    I will like to thank you for taking your time to read my application :)

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