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    Real Name:


    Past Username(s):


    EST / Eastern Standard Time USA

    What rank are you currently on this Skyblock?

    How long have you played on SkyMite?
    1 month

    Discord Username:
    Fun Time With U#0108

    Which server are you applying for?

    Have you been Staff on SkyMite before? If so; when, for how long, what position, and why did you leave the team?
    No. I have not been
    What is your availability for being on the server?

    Weekends about 1-8 hours, Weekdays about 1-3 hours due to school or school related activites
    Why are you (re)applying to become a staff member?
    I am applying to be staff because i feel that i could put a stop to cussing swearing or hacking very fast if it is happening when i'm on, also for those that need help or have questions i will be able to help them.
    Explain what being a Moderator means to you (That is, what is the job description?)

    To Help out the community, Help out people, Warn people if what they are doing/ saying is bad to make sure nothing bad is done, also i will never abuse power and you can count on that. also i will make sure new players will want to stay and answer all their questions, but i cant leave out the experienced either answer all their questions or aid new or old players, all requests asked i will do my best to answer them all.
    What makes you qualified for a position as Moderator?
    I can be available a lot if you ping me on discord, also I do well in keeping rules in order, and very nice to anyone that requests help.
    Two players start arguing, and the situation is escalating. How do you handle it?

    I will examine the messages and if needed clear chat and message them both to please stop and if not they will be warned, if they continue and swear, cuss i will ask them one more time and say if not you will be muted, if they say anything else about the topic besides apologizing or asking about it then they will be muted.
    Your friend was being disrespectful to another player after losing a fight in PvP. What do you do?
    I will say to them that it isn't acceptable and rule still apply to you even though we are friends, if you continue to be disrespectful to that player you will be warned or even muted.
    A player you really don't get along with says, "You're dumb!" after you kick him. How do you react?

    I will say i have already kicked you please do not start more drama or the punishment will get worse.
    Anything else you believe is relevant to include?
    If i do not get accepted i wont leave the server ill still play as much as i do, but i will keep applying in till the spot is taken or I've been accepted
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