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  1. Some of you don't know some things about voting so I decided to clear it up in this post.

    Now, some of you get confused when sometimes you don't get a reward from voting. There is a chance to not receive a reward and this is build it just to balance out the economy.
    When you do get a reward, however, you will receive one of two items. A Vote Key, or a Unknown Relic each of them are pretty good and will help out with quests.

    Vote Parties
    Also, during beta week we discovered that there are some certain items required for quests that are a bit hard to get. So we've added these items into vote parties. Vote parties will randomly give a few of these items:
    - $500
    - $2500
    - $5000
    - Vote Key
    - Emerald Ore
    - Diamond Ore
    - Iron Ore
    - Grass
    - Unknown Relics
    - XP

    I hope this post helps you out when you get confused while voting. Thanks for your time!

    - Skymite Staff team.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.