Offical Update Log #9 - New Voting System

Discussion in 'Update Log' started by Alex, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Hello, I am LasBiscuit the owner of Skymite. Recently the staff team and I decided to make voting more powerful. We've done this in a few ways. First, we updated the vote crates to fit a new 2018 feel and adapt to how the server is currently. Next, we added a new item you can get through voting other than just vote crates. This item is called the Relic Of Unknown. These relics act as crates and when you click them you have a chance of receiving one of four items. The relic of Flight, The relic of Repair, the Relic of OPMine, and the relic of Knowledge. Each relic is fit to help progress as a player with modern custom enchants, shop nerfs, and custom ranks. Each relic is listed below with all of they're capabilities. Next, there is a slightly buffed vote party. You can know get more XP in the vote party, a chance to get custom enchants, and a chance to get Relics of Unknown.

    The Flight relic is the most common relic to receive as /fly is one of the most common commands. The relic allows you to fly for 30 minutes once used. This relic was showcased a few days ago to track how it affected how players vote. When using this Relic clicking it more than once will not cause it to stack and could result in you getting kicked because spamming these can cause lag.

    The Repair relic is the second most common relic as what it does it quite limited. This relic fixes everything in your inventory when used. This relic can also cause issues if you spam it so we advice not to.

    The Knowledge Relic is going to be your best friend if you grind XP. These will give you lots of XP when you use them and have a chance of giving 20 levels, 40 levels, and 60 levels. These you are able to spam without any side affects.

    The OPMine Relic is by far the best of all the relics. This one allows you to mine in OPMine for 15 minutes. It will teleport you there and back whenever it activates and is one of the safest ones. This will not stack though and be sure not to spam them or you risk being kicked for spamming commands.