Offical Update Log #10 - Divinity

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  1. Hello, as some of you may have noticed last week for a short period of time we released a beta version of the Divinity Server. We took the server back down to continue development and am I proud to announce that we have finally finished! Before I release the date when Skyblock Divinity comes out I'd like to explain what exactly Divinity is.

    What is Skyblock Divinity?

    Divinity is a VERY custom Skyblock. When you log on it may seem like you’re on freedom, but there’s much more to discover. Divinity has a MMO type storyline to kill Emperor Nomic who rules over the server and taxes the poor. While on Divinity you will have time to get resources and work on the storyline to complete each sequence of missions. Along the way you will be rewarded with different items that will help you on your adventures. Once you’ve completed all the missions you will unlock selections of the side missions to help maintain the rebel cause. Even though everyone is on the same side in battle, impressing the High Command of the rebel's is a huge objective and therefore not all players will work together. In fact, Divinity only allows up to 2 island members for default players. In order unlock more players on your island you will need to complete quests. To help you in your missions here are a few hints you might find useful: mcMMO is a life savior in lots of boss fights and therefor working on increasing your mcMMO skills is a very important. Another helpful way to progress and get a better understanding on the characters you are going up against is to read the lore page which will be released very soon on the forums.

    Why start a new server?

    With the release of voting vouchers and small custom features many players became more interested in playing and having fun. Now that these features have stopped being released some players lost interest in grinding and putting in time for not much more than a higher island level. Divinity changes that entirely. Divinity is very hard yet not at the same time, this is because it requires time or money, but mostly it requires skill. To become a good player you need to progress through missions, as you do they unlock certain things which are impossible to get otherwise. And the bosses in the missions have a high level AI which will make them similar to players in terms of PvP Skill. This will require you to get better at fighting because just having "Good Gear" won't do the trick.

    What happens to Skymite?

    For the most part not much will change. Unity will remain the same and ranks will not be global. Freedom, however, will be changed a lot. Freedom is going to be replaced with Divinity and ranks will be transferred from Freedom to Divinity. The reason we decided on this is because Freedom is lacking features and player and we suspect with Divinity that is going to change.


    Divinity is just now being complete with the last stages of the Lore being wrapped up as we speak. This will allow us to release Divinity Thursday, February 8th, at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. If you cannot make it to Skymite by this time of the day don't worry. Divinity is always open and you will have plenty of time to progress over the weekend.

    Thank you for your time,

    LasBiscuit, and the Skymite Development team. And lit sidekick readers!

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