TigerCat's Imperial Staff Application

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Am I a good candidate for staff?

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  1. Past Usernames (list all of them): I have have no past accounts. TigerCat500 is my only account

    Age (Lying will result in an instant denial): I am 13 years old, but I am very mature for my age.

    TIme Zone: My time zone is PST (West Coast time)

    What rank are you on the server? I am a user rank on all servers.

    What server are you applying to be moderator on? I am applying to be a moderator on the Imperial server.

    How long have you been playing Skymite? I have been playing on Skymite for around 3 weeks

    How long have you wanted to be staff? I have wanted to be staff for the whole time so about 3 week.

    Discord Username: My discord username is Logan#7990


    Have you been staff on Skymite before? If so tell us why you resigned or were demoted:
    No I have not been staff on Skymite but I have had an application denied here before since I put in Discord I applied because I didn't notice that I wasn't supposed to tell people I applied. I my seconded application was closed and idk what that really means sooo.

    How much time can you put into the server daily?
    I put about 4 hours daily onto Skymite during a school week so Monday-Thursday would be a total of 16 ish hours but on weekend I could spend as much time as 36 hours onto the server!

    What makes you qualified to be staff on Skymite?
    I am qualified because I have a wide knowledge on the game Minecraft itself. I alway know who to help new players who have recently joined Imperial. I am great with time management and am very friendly to those I meet. I am also a great skyblock player, my island at the time of this application is #3.

    If you become staff how do YOU believe you are going to keep that role?
    I believe I am going to keep my role on SkyMite by working my butt off and doing my best at every obstacle that come me way. I am going to help those who are new and even help the owner since I realize the server is quite new and I realize new bugs are popping up daily.


    If you just muted someone for "Toxic Chat Behavior" and someone messages you about how they didn't deserve it and your a terrible staff member how will you handle this situation?
    I would handle this situation by sending them screen shots. On all servers I have ever been on and reported someone or been staff on I always make sure that I take screen shots for proof. I would tell them I was just doing my job and if they feel they didn't deserve this I would direct them to the ban appeal section of the SkyMite website. If they tell me that I am a terrible staff member I would give them LasBiscuits or Prescoinings (sorry i am no good at spelling his name) and tell them to write a complaint against me to one of you and if you felt that I am a bad staff member then I will get demoted.

    If someone joins the server and starts spamming other server IP's in chat how will you proceed?

    I would start off by muting this person as I warning. If after the mute they came back on and did again it would result in a longer mute or even a ban. If then a different account came on and spammed THE SAME IP I would ip ban them since there is a high probability that it is the same guy but on an alt.

    Dear Staff, thank you for your time you took to read through my response. I want to become staff and help since I never see members of Imperial talking about bugs. i think i could make a great addition to your staff team and hope you consider me, thanks.