RMEYNELL-Staff Application

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    IGN (In Game Name): RMEYNELL

    Past Usernames
    (list all of them): xXRMEYNELLXx, xXPVP_PRO_MCXx, ElverGalarga_

    Age (Lying will result in an instant denial): 14

    Time Zone:
    Example: NZST (UTC +12)

    What rank are you on the server? I am a non, I have no rank and no money

    How long have you been playing Skymite? I played for a few months in June 2017 and I have just started playing again today

    How long have you wanted to be staff?
    About 5 minutes

    Discord Username:
    Example: RMEYNELL #0034


    Have you been staff on Skymite before? If so tell us why you resigned or were demoted: No I never applied

    How much time can you put into the server daily? 1-4 hours depending on homework

    What makes you qualified to be staff on Skymite? I have played on a variety of servers so I feel I have the knowledge about how a Minecraft server should work and how people should be treated

    If you become staff how do YOU believe you are going to keep that role? I will be playing daily and be making sure that everyone including me sticks to the rules.


    If you just muted someone for "Toxic Chat Behavior" and someone messages you about how they didn't deserve it and your a terrible staff member how will you handle this situation?
    I would tell them that they deserved and that they should take the time to think about why they got muted and then think about how they could change their actions next time, If they continue to message me I will extend the mute and then eventually ban them if they don't stop.
    If someone joins the server and starts spamming other server IP's in chat how will you proceed?

    I would just ban them straight up.