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    Questing is by far the most complicated part of Skyblock Imperial and so we've decided to clear up some things to make it much easier for you to quest.

    Now, the base command for questing is /quest which will open a GUI which will allow you to do most things while questing. Some of you may get annoyed of clicking all these panels to get to each section so we've given a list of sub commands as well.

    this command will make it easier to get to the selection menu for quests instead of clicking through the main GUI. If you want you can also do /questsel and /qs to make it even faster.

    this command is also shown in /quest. Most people don't know the true power of this command and so we'll clear it up. This command will allow you to see what items you need for resource based missions and allow you to quit resource missions. Beware though, this command will not show what blocks you've already turned in on your mission so you'll have to keep track of that yourself. We do advice turning all your blocks in at once and just keep a chest until you obtain them all.

    this is a one time command that everyone have to use before starting any quests. You must choice between Spy and Commander to see what missions you'd like. We will be adding more quests in the future too. Beware though, once you pick a class you will either have to wait until next season to change or pay $5 USD on /buy to change it.

    Questing are quite complex things and you need to read the verify message when you pick one. This message will clarify what mission you picked and if its a boss battle you will not be able to leave so not reading these messages is very bad and we will not help if you lose items because you didn't read it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.