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  1. TrapeZoidberg
  2. hawt hawk
    hawt hawk
  3. EditThisName
    Herro ? --> Hello?
  4. TrapeZoidberg
  5. EditThisName
    EditThisName Misu
    Because you are an good person :)
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  6. Misu
    why do i have likes and followers
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  7. EditThisName
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  8. BasicallyLauren
  9. BasicallyLauren
    Glad to join the community!
  10. Ian
  11. TrapeZoidberg
    ... Got griefed by someone I don't know.
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  12. TrapeZoidberg
    When your sheep gets killed by the server 3 times in 2 days...
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  13. Wolfie
    Hello! I am clearly new as you guys can tell. If I say so myself, I am friendly and don't mind helping out when I can. \o/ I'm WolfiePai.
  14. Juno Rennes
    Juno Rennes
    Probs gettin a pay check
  15. Juno Rennes
    Juno Rennes
    Probs at work
  16. Kugzer
    Due to the forums not being used often, I'd rather receive PMs through Discord. Contact me in the Skymite Discord, which is found in-game.
  17. Cyao
    Swaggy Pete
  18. WhiteOut
    fucking pissed
  19. Misu
    My aesthetic is stuffed animals and calling people hoes :)
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  20. Jones Miles
    Jones Miles
    probably hacking N.S.A. (nah JK more like neighbors Wi-Fi)