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  1. TrapeZoidberg
    IGN username: TrapeZoidberg
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  2. Diego
    IGN username: Dplm_
  3. BasicallyLauren
    BasicallyLauren Papoy
    hola <3 so i accidentally grabbed the leaves u wanted but i can't get on bc server is offline plus i have to babysit so when i see u again don't let me forget xD <3
    1. Papoy
      I got them its cool
      Jul 6, 2017
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  4. dragon tamer52
    dragon tamer52
    how do u get on skymite
  5. luckyluke2019
    luckyluke2019 Zephxyz
    hi Zephxyz i would love to be admin on sky block server i will do what u say or come wen needed
  6. TrapeZoidberg
    TrapeZoidberg Misu
    Yo congratulations on getting staff! Too bad no one seemed to care when I announced it rn in the server ;-; But I'll congratulate you cuz I care <3
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  7. Misu
    I refuse to speak in chat now
  8. nitrofast_23
    nitrofast_23 Misu
    Can someone help me? I can't get into Skyblock because my piston propels me in the air on a continuous loop whenever I join please help XD
    1. Misu
      umm if you have any teammates have them break the pistons
      Jul 6, 2017
  9. Snoh
    Bad at everything, good at nothing.
  10. King_Cakey
    Im lovin Life
  11. Papoy
  12. TrapeZoidberg
  13. TrapeZoidberg
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    2. powerover9001
      I luv you fam <3
      Jul 5, 2017
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  14. TrapeZoidberg
  15. TheMiningore
    TheMiningore AngryBiscuit
    I Love your server so Much!!
  16. TheMiningore
  17. BasicallyLauren
    BasicallyLauren TheMilks
    Jiggity jar jar do Lauren is now following you nice to see some twd fans
  18. BasicallyLauren
    BasicallyLauren Zephxyz
    Zeph what's popping jimbo?
  19. TrapeZoidberg
    TrapeZoidberg powerover9001
    Your first follower <3
    1. powerover9001
      luv you fam
      Jul 4, 2017
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  20. TrapeZoidberg
    Ongoing parkour competition! Come to /is warp TrapeZoidberg to get started!
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