Hello, I am LasBiscuit and I have a question for you today. How does everyone like the current look of the website? We are debating investing a Web Developer to help design the page a bit nicer with a Bans page to see punishments dished out by staff. We estimate that this would cost a considerable amount so I would like to ask some of the community first. Please take the pole so we can see.
Hello. My name is LasBiscuit. Due to a few problems with the server and in my personal life I was unable to maintain the server and it has been down since October started. I am here to announce that the server will be back up very soon. I have been working on the server and giving slight hints to this.
The server will be released again November 1st at 3:00 PM EST.
Now this is a lot to take in as Skymite has been down for a month. There will be some noticeable changes. First, Legacy is offline and will remain offline for at least another week. Until then you will be put into Unity. There are some changes with Unity as well. There has been a reset of islands and money, however ranks and permissions gained via crates will be kept. As a payment for all the trouble because of the server being down there will be a 60% off sale the first two weeks of the server being out and a daily Drop party. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- LasBiscuit
Recently, there has been some obviously bugs. First, there was the crash bug. This was fixed and you shouldn't expect to see anything like this again. Next, there is the duplication glitches. This was a massive problem however this has been resolved. To combat this we did have to reset the economy for the most part to stop the flow of dirty money. We will be giving some of this back through directly if you give us evidence you had it. To avoid further inflation though we will be doing various dropparties which will consist of all sorts of stuff.

One of these dropparties will be taking place Monday the 17th of July at 3:00 PM EST. Everyone will be alerted through discord and in game when this happens. The problem with giving everyone's money back is it would make money useless and would be very bad for rich and poor players. The economy was reset due to a single player abusing a glitch. This player was banned. You may now shame this player at your own will for stealing not only yours, but the entire server's money. His name is Fettyflep. Fettyflap showed us this glitch and he deserves praise in game. There is a reason he got his money back. Let this serve as an example of what happens when you do not comply with staff members.

From LasBiscuit,
And the entire Skymite staff team.
Hello players. I am LasBiscuit the owner of Skymite and we have lots of news and updates to tell you guys about. Skymite will be releasing Skyblock Legacy. Some of you may have already knew about this server and had some questions so I decided to answer these questions here. First, the current skyblock server will be renamed to Skyblock Unity. You will keep all items, ranks, and the staff will staff the same. Also, the server will be getting some changes to it involving a faster server, expandable islands, and some new custom perks. As for the new server, Legacy, it will have all sorts of new items. The server will be much more PvP based. There will be custom enchantments, but these will be very hard to obtain on your journey. The server will keep some features such as VoteParty, Monthlycrates, and the basic island commands. However, there will be a vast amount of new items and perks you can get. For starters every four hours 20 crates will drop down at spawn for you to collect otherwise known as envoys. Next, there will be a cheaper alternative to /fly. This command will be called /ifly and will allow a player to fly on their island, islands they're invited to, and islands that they are cooped on. Also, there will be some minor perks such as /withdraw and /withdrawxp to help you distribute the wealth throughout the players. Also, due to cases of scamming there may be implementing /trade to allow players to trade items and money without worrying about losing stuff.

This will be released Friday, July 7th.

  • LasBiscuit
  • And the Skymite staff team.